What about the cacao farmers?

The cacao is a fruit that grows on a tree in tropical countries around the Equator. Most farmers produce it only for exporting the beans, which is only 20% of the fruit. The pulp around the beans (30% of the whole fruit!) is not being used because the industry only wants the beans to make chocolate. And so, the delicious pulp drips into the soil… what a waste!
You probably have all heard about the issues within the supply chain of the cacao industry, haven’t you? It almost always has to do with farmers’ unfair treatment. Most cacao farmers are poor as their income depends on their harvest: prices are low and vary from day to day. For small farm holders, production costs are higher than the income they receive from harvesting the beans. In this way, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty.
Pacha is very proud to be able to support farmers with an extra income for the cacao pulp they collect.We are small now, but we hope to grow bigger and bigger so that we can work with more small farm holders, from different countries, and help them grow their income.