Find us at STACH!

We are absolutely over the moon to be available at STACH in all Amsterdam stores.

How did that happen? We need to go a bit back in time to explain more.

In March 2020 we were coming closer to the launch of Pacha. At the same time though, The Netherlands was preparing for closing up due to covid-19. “That will be over in just a few months”, or so we thought. But that didn’t happen. A few months turned into a year. The streets of Amsterdam have never been so quiet. We initially wanted to launch in the horeca, cause our drink is just perfect sitting on terrace in the sun, but with the horeca closed obviously we had to change strategy. We looked for clients in the retail who would appreciate where we stand for with Pacha: a fresh juice made with cacao pulp, 100% natural, delicious taste and sustainably produced.

We approached STACH and they liked our idea! STACH is a trendy foodstore chain with several shops in The Netherlands. We pride ourselves being amongst their high quality standards, often local made food products. We can’t wait to develop this partnership with them further.

STACH has shops in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Almere, Utrecht, Haarlem, Overveen, Groningen, Haarlem, Overveen.

In the meantime, if you see a STACH shop in your city, don’t forget to check inside if we are there yet. If we’re not, then help us out and ask for it at the caissière.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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