A Lidl More Than You May Think

Lately we have done some research on retail stores in the Netherlands. How sustainable are they, really? How innovative are they? Do they work with small brands, or just the known, big ones? 

Today we want to talk about Lidl, a company that shows up to be one of the most sustainable retailers in the Netherlands! (see here).

We all know Lidl as a discount retailer.  But did you know that for some time now, they have been focusing on sustainable products and promoting a healthy lifestyle that is accessible for everyone? This means that they look into the sourcing practices of the products, packaging, CO2 footprint and more.. 

Good news for the vegetarian and vegan readers amongst us; you will be happy to hear that Lidl is growing their selection of meat and fish replacements! The vegan and vegetarian space is growing in Lidl!

Have you seen the ‘Way to Go’ product line that Lidl has? Obviously, cacao is something very close to our hearts, so it’s with great joy to see that Lidl goes further than common certifications and takes it a step further – Lidl uses a new supply chain for their cacao beans and adds a premium on top for the cooperatives, in addition to Fairtrade.

We noticed how Lidl is growing their relationship with small, unique and sustainable startups.. Take for example our friends at Johnny Cashew, whose mission it is to avoid unnecessary logistics in the cashew supply chain. Lidl and Johnny Cashew started a collaboration for their Way to Go cashew nuts.

And last, there is the Future Goods Week end of June, a program during which small companies showcase their beautiful products on the Lidl shelves.

We will have more information about this program soon, but we are sure you know what we’re hinting at.. 😉 

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