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Pacha is made from cacao pulp and water.. and that’s it! The pulp looks like a white lychee-type of flesh around the cacao beans. It goes to waste in normal cacao production because everyone is after the beans, the main ingredient for chocolate! Pacha catches the pulp and pays the farmers for the pulp, providing the farmers a new extra income.

Funny enough, the nutritious benefits of the sweet pulp has always been known by cacao farmers. They guzzle on the beans for the pulp and spit out the bitter beans, as a fresh source of energy that keeps them fit during the day.

"Just imagine.. a mango, lychee, pear, pineapple and honey – all combined in one glass. Do we need to say more?"

A beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity, with a tangy twist. A taste of the Amazon! A burst of fresh, fruity flavours that gives a slow boost of positive energy.

The pulp is ethically sourced from farmers in Ecuador. The drink is partly made there and bottled in the Netherlands. Pacha is produced, distributed and marketed by Pacha de Cacao BV in the Netherlands. The company is founded by Marika van Santvoort who spent her entire career working on sustainability in the cacao sector.

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