Frequently Asked Questions

The Juice

What is the best way & time to drink Pacha de Cacao?

Ever heard of an afternoon slump? The sleepy and sluggish feeling that comes on in the afternoon, usually between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m? Our juice is the perfect kick you need for those moments! It will give you a slow boost so that you can easily continue with your day.

It also works great before a workout, or a yoga class. Try it out!

Drink it chilled for a refreshing effect.

What about vitamins & nutrients?

  • Magnesium: Essential for a good heart rhythm, strong bones and energy.
  • Manganese: Essential for good skin and blood regulation.
  • Phosphorus: The main function of phosphorus is in the formation of bones and teeth. It plays an important role in how the body uses carbohydrates and fats. It keeps the body healthy.
  • Vitamin B1: Changes food into energy.

Why is this good for me?

Many reasons! We‘ll give you 5: 1. It’s 100% natural! That means: no concentrate, no additives and no added sugar. Just pulp and water. 2. It’s refreshing and nutritious. Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese and Vitamin B1 to name a few, will give you the slow boost of positive energy we keep talking about. 3. We are forgetting an important one: Theobromine! Similar to coffee, but much friendlier and softer. A heart opener. It also helps wakefulness, lowers blood pressure and is a mood-uplifter. It makes you happy! 4. It’s naturally gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 5. It’s made from cacao pulp, now an unused product in the cacao supply chain. By using the pulp, we pay farmers an extra stream of income from the same fruit.

What about the cacao farmers?

The cacao is a fruit that grows on a tree in tropical countries around the Equator. Most farmers produce it only for exporting the beans, which is only 20% of the fruit. The pulp around the beans (30% of the whole fruit!) is not being used because the industry only wants the beans to make chocolate. And so, the delicious pulp drips into the soil… what a waste! You probably have all heard about the issues within the supply chain of the cacao industry, haven’t you? It almost always has to do with farmers’ unfair treatment. Most cacao farmers are poor as their income depends on their harvest: prices are low and vary from day to day. For small farm holders, production costs are higher than the income they receive from harvesting the beans. In this way, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty. Pacha is very proud to be able to support farmers with an extra income for the cacao pulp they collect.We are small now, but we hope to grow bigger and bigger so that we can work with more small farm holders, from different countries, and help them grow their income.

How does it taste?

Just imagine… pineapple, peach, lychee, pear, lime and honey – all in one juice. Do we need to say more? It’s a burst of fresh, fruity flavours. A beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity with a tangy twist. It’s a taste of the Amazon!

How is it made?

When farmers open the cacao fruits, the beans and pulp are removed. From there the pulp is then brought to a juice factory where it is squeezed without damaging the beans inside. The beans go into one direction, the pulp to another. The juice is pasteurized before it is shipped to the Netherlands for bottling. Et voila! Ah. We make it sound so simple.

Did you know?

The funny thing is that farmers have always known that the pulp is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Research shows that already 5.300 years ago, indigenous tribes in Zamora Chinchipe (South Ecuador) were guzzling up the pulp, making sweet beverages. Pacha de Cacao celebrates this ancient farmer tradition, using the fresh pulp of the cacao fruit as a slow boost of positive energy. Rather than letting it go to waste, Pacha turns the pulp into an extra source of income for cacao farmers and lets you discover this refreshing, new fruit juice.

What does the name mean?

Pacha comes from the Quechua word for ‘soil’ and ‘earth’ and de cacao is Spanish for ‘of cacao’. Together they stand for ‘world of cacao’. We wanted to create a strong link to Pachamama, the female goddess, Mother Earth, who is an important concept in most of the Latin American cultures. We believe that we need to give back to Earth, and we do so by using the cacao pulp and preventing from it being wasted.

What is Pacha de Cacao?

A 100% natural and nutritious cacao juice made from the fresh pulp of the cacao fruit. The pulp is a white substance covering the cacao beans. It gets lost during normal cacao production, because the industry is not interested.

The Brand

What is your vision and mission?

We believe in a healthy & connected cacao chain, from farmer to consumer, in which we can endlessly enjoy everything the cacao fruit has to offer.

Who is behind Pacha de Cacao?

The company was founded by Marika van Santvoort in 2020 but her plan dates from way before that! Marika is a cacao expert and works as a sustainability advisor to the industry, helping them to make supply chains more sustainable. While working on a project in Ecuador in 2017, a farmer told her about the nutritious benefits of the cacao pulp. From then on, she became extremely committed to use the cacao pulp to make a fresh drink. And here we are, 3 years later! And shout out to Positivity for our branding and Opper for developing our website.

Ordering & Shipping

What is the maximum amount that can be shipped?

The maximum you can order via the website is 11 boxes (66 bottles of juice). This is due to shipment regulations. If you would like to order more juice, please contact us on via email at

I’m not at home when my package is being delivered! Can I change my date?

Yes. In the email from DHL you can choose which time slot suits best, if it should be delivered to a neighbor or if you wish to pick it up at a DHL store.

How long does it take until I receive my package?

Shipping time for the Netherlands is usually one business day. You will receive an update from DHL as soon as your order has been dispatched, along with track and trace information. Note that you can change the delivery information of your package even after confirming your order.

How do you make sure that the box arrives safely?

Our boxes are specially made to be strong enough for the transit. In the unlikely event of a box breaking, please contact us via email at admin@pachadecacao.comDid you know: all our materials are recycled and made out of paper. We like it that way.

Do you also sell internationally?

Yes, we do. Mainly in Europe. If your country is not in the country overview, please contact us via email at

I am a potential B2B customer, how do I get in contact?

Reach out to us on and we’ll get in touch very fast.

What are the shipping fees?

Transport costs in the Netherlands are €2,95 for 1-2 boxes (of 6 each). From 3 boxes transport is free (only in NL). Outside of the Netherlands, transport costs are automatically calculated based on the amount of boxes you order. Is your country not in the overview? Contact us to find out more. Reach out to us via email on