We are now available at Crisp!

It’s like Christmas came early this year, because we landed our first big retail contract! With none less than Crisp, the online retailer for quality food and beverages in the Netherlands.

They don’t go for just any product, but instead choose the ones with a story, authenticity, fresh and unique products, that you can’t just buy in any random supermarket. Products that are ethically sourced and, of course, must have an exquisite taste.

We could not be more proud, at the closing of the year, that they have decided to jump into the deep with Pacha.

So, here is what we totally think that you should do:

  • Download their amazing app (if you live in the Netherlands)

  • Find Pacha under the new products

  • Add a bottle to your cart (or two, or three..)

And don’t wait too long, cause Christmas is around the corner, and we’re sure that you want to get your Pacha in time to steal the show.