Our founding story

It was in 2017 in Ecuador when founder and cacao expert Marika van Santvoort first tasted cacao pulp and thought: “This is amazing! Why aren’t we using this?!” After a year of exploring, reading, speaking to scientists, farmers and chocolate companies in order to understand, it still remain a mystery: how can we have missed it?

Farmer tradition
Farmers knew it. They have always known that the pulp is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. More than 5.000 years ago people in Zamorra Chinchipe (South Ecuador) were already guzzling on the pulp, making beverages.

A slow boost of positive energy
With Pacha de Cacao we want to celebrate this ancient farmer tradition of using the fresh pulp of the cacao fruit as a natural & nutritious slow boost of positive energy! 

Rather than letting it go to waste, Pacha turns the pulp into an extra source of income for cacao farmers and lets you discover this amazing refreshing new cacao juice!

It’s a 100% natural, delicious & nutritious juice made from cacao pulp. 

Pacha is the Fresh Cacao Revival!