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Pacha de Cacao – An uplifting story about the powerful cacao fruit

Repost from Confectionery news:
It has been five months since the article ‘why Pacha de Cacao (still called ‘Freebird’ at the time) could be a game-changer’ was published by Confectionary news. A lot has happened since then! Read it here in the blog post written by Founder Marika van Santvoort.

New name, new identity
My start-up company underwent some profound changes. First of all the name, it changed from Freebird to…. Pacha de Cacao!

‘Pacha de Cacao’ comes from ‘Pachamama’, meaning Mother Earth in Quechua language. A very powerful concept in all Latin America. Adding ‘de Cacao’ in the mix, the meaning comes to ‘The world of cacao’. The name connects well to the underlying purpose of the company: rediscover the power of the cacao fruit to help people, business & nature thrive.

We challenge the industry by using cacao pulp – now a waste product – as the main ingredient… Click here to read the full article.